Saturday, 30 June 2012

Stella Jones

Stella graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a Bachelor of design in textiles and wood, she has worked in lots of different media, including papier mache.

Her papier mache figures previously had the clothes hand stitched from remnants of material .

The figures Stella is currently making have been made using newspaper, wire and a little tissue paper. Stella wanted to show what can be achieved with the variation of colour and pattern in newspapers and a little creativity.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Brenda Sharp - My brain is a sieve

Brenda is our artist of the day for today's blog entry for one very good reason. She came to a meeting many moons ago in St James Centre in the North End that I arranged for Wirral Council staff (including the late and much missed Jim Smith) to give us information about the Empty Shop Fund, I merely hosted the opportnuity, not wanting to go for the money myself. Brenda seized the chance, finding one venue then another and finally plumping for her final location in Liscard. Today is the grand opening for PAPER SCISSORS STONE and we are all so proud of her. Representing local artists and craftspeople, Brenda Sharp's enterprise has been helped by a grant from Wirral Council through the Empty Shop Fund. She will be running workshops and exhibitions as well as selling wonderful art, craft and design from artists of Wirral, Merseyside and surroundiing area. Offering something for everyone's budget and taste.

Anyway, back to the de-junk, re-junk show and my usual format for blog posts!

Brenda Sharp is a photographer and multi media artist. In  "My Brain is a Sieve", she has explored  how her mind might look if translated using the discipline of multimedia art.

Brenda graduated from The University of Chester as a mature student in 2009, gaining a first in Fine Art and Photography BA (Hons). She then resumed self employment as a workshop leader and designer -maker before making the leap into opening a shop and gallery in Wallasey "Paper Scissors Stone".

Lorraine Hughes makes a dramatic entrance!

Lorraine Hughes is a Fine Art based self trained Artist with more than thirty years experience, Specialising in Art Direction, Set and Exhibition Design for TV, Film and Theatre.

Lorraine's clients include The BBC (working alongside Directors including Stephen Polliakoff and actors including Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson and Clive Owen), Pinewood studios (music videos including artworks made with recycled materials for Ruby Turner and Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood's muse Sara Stockbridge), The Walker Art Gallery, St Georges Hall, Liverpool Town Hall, the Everyman theatre (working alongside actors Cathy Tyson and Michael Starke and 'Cranford' screenwriter Heidi Thomas), Walk The Plank, The Bluecoat Chambers Liverpool and the National Wildflower Centre in Merseyside. Creating works with an eco conscience using images sources from gritty urban decay to decadent Civic splendour.

During the past ten years Lorraine has worked mainly with young children, exploring the natural world using re-cycled materials in Grove Street primary, School New Ferry, the Eden Project Cornwall and the National Wildflower Centre in Court Hey Park Liverpool (alongside Artist Ticky Lowe).

 This work 'Cygnus'- (A floral tribute to Sir Joseph Paxton) ( A combined homage to the painting - Swans on the lake in Birkenhead Park - British school of painting/ Williamson Art Gallery ) and the garden designer and architect of Birkenhead Park Sir 'Joseph Paxton' who to his credit had decided to create "something handsome and good out of bad materials" he meant to create a beautiful landscape man made out of a derelict and marshy wasteland, a direct historical guidance from Joseph Paxton in 1843 to the aims of the de-junk - re-junk artists exhibiting in Birkenhead Park in 2012.

 Lorraine hopes that 'Cygnus' evokes an elegant, gentle contemplation of the history and beauty of the park and the need to tale 'time out' to relax and protect our natural, rich and diverse Merseyside heritage.

Diary extracts - the making of a re-cycled Art work for the De-junk Re-junk 2012 Exhibition:

    ingredients for creating 'Cygnus' :

    * 3 small plastic bottles
    * 3 large plastic bottles
    * scraps of plastic material
    * artificial polystyrene / Rafia onions
    * broken artificial foliage
    * brown paper
    * gift wrap
    * faux leather
    * discarded resin planter
    * gold leaf
    * photocopies
    * brown cardboard
    * 1 sack of shredded office waste
    * broken decorations
    * faux jewellery
    * left over masonry paint and assorted drops of fabric paint

  •     In June during an intense two week period I began thinking about my contribution to the
  •     De-junk, Re-junk 2012 exhibition.
  •     during the first week I had acquired a large amount of diverse but beautiful objects
  •     (please see ingredients list ) that at first appear to easily link together by colour and texture and form.
  •     During the second week I spent a day walking through the beautiful Port Sunlight village and spent time looking at classical and mythological works.
  •     Later that week I visited the Williamson Art Gallery and walked to the boat house in Birkenhead Park and simply pondered on the tranquility and beauty of the scene and wondered about the history of
  •     it's design and creation.
  •     I returned home and researched all that I had enjoyed and seen and realised that the garden designer and architect Joseph Paxton had provided me with the answer to 'create something handsome out of bad materials' a statement that he had made in 1843 directly created a connection to myself using re-cycled materials in 2012.
  •     I remembered a painting entitled Swans on the lake in Birkenhead Park - British school of painting (The Williamson Art Gallery - Birkenhead ), the sensuous 'Leda and the Swan' 1898 by Maurice Ferrary at (The Lady Lever Art Gallery - Port Sunlight),
  •     A painting of Anna Pavlova by Irish painter John Lavery 1911 'The Dying Swan' exhibited in 2011 at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool.
  •     I had also been reminded of the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Anderson 'The Ugly Duckling' 1843 whose so called ugly duckling saw his true beauty as a swan in the lake, it seemed to me an amazing to find a link between this iconic symbol of transition to the year the park and its own Swan lake began it's transformation also 1843, a journey from derelict poor land to outstanding, inspiring
  •     World class beauty.
  •     I looked at the raw found materials that I had collected at all the places that I had visited during this two weeks and saw that the gift wrapping paper I had kept for its foliage images also contained images
  •     of swans.
  •     I looked up the Latin for swan and it was 'Cygnus', I thought about the grandeur of the scale and work of Joseph Paxton and immediately knew how the piece would finally look.
  •     The process of decay happens very quickly in life if we allow it. I have been working with found materials since the late 1970's (often guided by Artist/ Poet and friend Adrian Henri, studying the work of
  •     Kurt Schwitters ), it has always seemed to me to be the ideal medium to directly consider the beauty, function and protection of our environment.
  •     It felt appropriate that I was making something new that was once broken as part of an exhibition in the new Birkenhead visitors centre, It felt like an appropriate tribute and acknowledgment of an amazing park and a visionary man.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Barbara Harrison

Barbara Harrison
I am a visual artist. My digital practice is strongly underpinned by the aesthetics of painting, and is informed by art history, cultural studies and sociology.

Title: Apocalypse Teatime
This no-budget, lo-fi, Pop Art style digital collage is made from low-res stock photos found on the internet. All the images are manipulated using second-hand Photoshop Elements 7.
Theme: the vintage mirror remembers the domestic dysfunction and thwarted aspirations it has witnessed throughout its rural and suburban lifetime from pre-1940s to the present day. The mirror first belonged to my father's mother and came to the Wirral when the family moved here in the fifties. The mirror has experienced at least 4 addresses and must be over 80 years old.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Marie Louise Williams has created an installation for the space

Marie Louise Williams is a full-time artist based at Wellington Road Studios in Oxton. She is passionate about the environment and sustainability and campaigns for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 
“I create installations from recycled and reclaimed materials, paint, drawing, shadows, photography and text. Inspired by quantum physics, music and environmental concerns, my work makes tangible the invisible underlying patterns of the universe.”
Marie holds a BA in Fine Art from the Wirral School of Art and a BA in Chinese Culture, Philosophy and Russian from Durham University. She has taught art workshops to adults and children at various galleries and venues across Wirral and Merseyside since 2004.

'Spring Theory No. 2: inter-colour territory'
re-energised and re-composed cot-mattress and couch springs, hanging basket, reclaimed telephone and electrical wire, coffee plunger, can tops,  odds and ends wool and donated end of tin enamel paint.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Facebook event page

We have an event page on Facebook for the exhibition, please join us on Facebook

 de-junk, re-junk event page, please click!

And a link to a folder on Facebook of lots of images provided by the artists of the work they have submitted, more will be added soon

de-junk mini preview

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Jo Smith from Hoylake's Seagrass Studio

Jo is a mixed media artist and jewellery designer using both traditional and non-traditional materials.
Jo’s inspiration mainly comes from her daily walks on West Kirby beach with her beloved dogs. Her approach has evolved over time, through constant experimentation and play with mixed media. The results are a colourful and textural rendering of her emotional response to her surroundings reflecting the joy, love and awe that Jo feels through her connection to the landscape.

For the last 10 years Jo has exhibited widely across Merseyside, and her many commissions of paintings hang in homes across Europe and as far as Australia. Jo has a B.Ed Hons in Art and Design and is a practicing counsellor with a Diploma in Art Therapy skills. You can find her at Seagrass Studio Gallery by Hoylake Train Station where she is artist in residence.

The beginings of converting a donated vase
To the end results

Inspiration, Imagination, Intuition


Studio Gallery

9A, The Quadrant,


CH47 2EE

07732 533999

Theresia Cadwallader back for a second year

Theresia Cadwallader

Theresia is a jewellery designer, maker and art projects organiser. She studied Jewellery Design at Wirral Metropolitan College and gained BTec with Distinction in 2009.

Theresia’s hand made jewellery pieces are made from various materials, new, recycled and found objects. She uses metals including gold, silver, titanium, copper, aluminium, precious and semi precious stones, fabric, paper, wood, found objects and recycled materials.  Most of her copper pieces are made from recycled water tanks, wires stripped from cables, aluminium from drink cans or obtained from scrap yards, paper from magazines, tetra pack, milk bottles, metal tubes, plastic tubes, leather from off cuts, food packaging, and other materials found in most households.
This is the second year Theresia has taken part in ‘de-junk re-junk’ exhibition.

Theresia has been showing and selling her work at various exhibitions including Oxton art Fair, The Six Rooms Gallery for Independents Liverpool Biennial, Williamson Art Gallery, Oakmere Studio Cheshire, Liverpool, Cambridge, London and around the country.

Her future exhibitions include “Canvas for Youth “ a charity event at Mid Cheshire College, Hartford from 18 - 21 July 2012 and Oxton Art Fair at Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead in December 2012.

Theresia accepts commissions.

Artist’s Statement:


When I returned home having been away for a while and having been through a very difficult year, I noticed the birds in the garden, the Swifts flying around as if they were greeting me. In the Spring and Summer we see the Swifts returning from far away countries, but how some will never returned....and we say good bye to them....

The Swifts, like my family, scattered in different part of the world, we get together from time to time but this time not all of us are there...

Theresia Cadwallader

Judith Brown uses vintage haberdashery in her work

Judith Brown Jewellery
Artist’s Statement

Having studied embroidery at Manchester I have taken a simple stitching technique and pushed it beyond the boundaries of textiles to create original jewellery. I began working with wire in 2004 in order to develop a way of working that would highlight the stitch itself. I use fine wire and treat it as thread, stitching without fabric to make intricate forms which hold their form over time, yet are still seemingly delicate.

Much of my work incorporates found objects. My Vintage Collections use recycled and upcycled haberdashery. In our throw away society I want to highlight the simple beauty of such everyday objects, once so precious as to have been hoarded away by our grandmothers in the times of “make do and mend”. 

I exhibit and sell my jewellery around the UK and my jewellery is currently stocked by the V&A, the British Museum and Kensington Palace.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Roy Lewis returns with his Mech'art


Roy has been making functional decorative items for over 20 years, and is in the process of making the transition from the creation of his candlesticks and sundials being a purely hobby to a business . Roy recycles old worn out car, motorcycle or any machine type parts. No one piece is the same as another, he can either make something similar or bespoke to your own personal taste.

He specialises in candle holders but has made a few sundials and flowers made of stainless steel cutlery that can be placed outside without the fear of corrosion.

Roy has also given technical assistance to other artists with his fabrication and welding experience.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bernie explores addictions in his piece for de-junk

Bernie Howden

Artist statement

I achieved my Fine Art Degree in 2009 at Wirral Metropolitan College. My work involves the surreal side of art in this particular instance using the recycling theme to convey the message of addictions that we all experience in one form or another, we can be achieve a high standard by using materials that have been discarded and can reach the inner echelons of the mind to inspire people to act and react to the use of the  recycling theme to help our planets future continue for the children of future generations as it is their  heritage.

B J Howden


£ 50

Monday, 18 June 2012

Michael Walker melts his way into the exhibition

Artist Statement

Michael Walker
B.A. (Hons) Fine Art

I am an artist based in Liverpool, Merseyside.  In 2010 I graduated in Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire and since them have worked in the field of public and participatory art for various community organisations across Merseyside.

During my artistic development I have worked in a variety of media but consider myself to be predominantly a sculptor and painter. I enjoy the process of creating art for I am always interested in exploring and experimenting with new materials.  I consider myself and my practice to be in a state of perpetual development.

For more information about my work please take a look at my website:

Name: Plastic Onomastic

Price: £300

Materials: Bottle Tops

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Barry Canning Eaton show at de-junk for the first time

Barry Canning-Eaton

A sculptor, potter, jewellery designer and maker.

Barry was born in Liverpool, brought up and live in Wirral. He started sculpting in his school days using clay.  He then became a potter for several years  making original pieces for mass production, and carrying out high quality restoration work on ceramic pieces for antique dealers.

Mostly self taught, over the years Barry has expanded his knowledge and skills in making 3D pieces using various media including steel, copper, gold, silver, other metals, concrete, and found objects.
Many of Barry’s works are created using recycled materials.

Barry was introduced to metal work when he could not find the right wedding ring for his wife. He wanted a gold ring of interlinked seahorses. So he sculpted one and cast it in gold himself.

Inspired by the experience, Barry then studied Jewellery Design for 3 years at Wirral Metropolitan College where he gained a Distinction in 2009 and won a First Prize in the "Inspired By..." in 2009, an arts and crafts competition sponsored by Liverpool Museum and V&A, with a bracelet and necklace set in the form of a spine made of ceramics and silver, inspired by Dinosaurs bones.

Barry has shown his work at ‘Transformations’ at Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead in 2009 and The Six Rooms Gallery as part of Independents Liverpool Biennial in 2010.

His future exhibitions include:
Canvas for Youth Exhibition at Mid Cheshire College, Chester Road, Hartford CW8 1LJ from 18th - 21st July 2012 where Barry will show his Spiral Staircase waterfall.

Barry accepts commissions in sculpture, ceramics and jewellery.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Julie Dodd returns for the recycling show for the 3rd year

Julie Dodd
Artist’s Statement

I am an installation artist and I mainly work with paper, but I also recycle other discarded materials to form installations, bringing a new life and meaning to them.

I focus a lot of my attention on environmental issues and use my art practice as a platform to reflect my concerns of our consumption and environmental responsibility.

My artwork is based on repetition and is inspired by pattern and shape found in nature.
I work in multiples, which I use to mimic life, growth and regeneration. The processes involved in making my work are as important if not more important sometimes than the finished product. I work methodically and laboriously with mundane processes in order to produce a satisfying result.

Invasive Ivy
English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a species of native ivy which is a versatile plant, being able to cover significant ground and able to climb as well. It grows well in the shade and is ideal for covering barren areas under trees, it crowds out weeds, helps with ground erosion, climbs and cascades walls.  And with its evergreen foliage it’s a great ornamental plant which provides rich nectar for insects and fruit for birds.
But it is considered an invasive weed in parts of Australia and the United States. Due to human introduction as an ornamental plant it has widely spread, invading forests, salt marshes, woodlands and fields. Growing at ground level as well as reaching up into the forest canopy, it suppresses native vegetation engulfing everything and preventing light reaching the other plant life.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Works coming in for de-junk - featuring Jacqui Chapman

Jacqui Chapman
B.A. (Hons) Fine Art

My work explores the relationship in us between identity and territory and demonstrates that they are integral to what we are. As an immigrant from South Africa I am interested in the idea of homeland, living in exile and national identity as influenced by landscapes and as told in close up histories, in literature, philosophy and art, while investigating my own foundations where contradictions of transience and permanence exist.

In this work, Requiem, I remember my friend. She was only 42 when she died. Our daughters were best friends age 7. It is about our last walk up Moel Famau for a windy picnic before she became ill.

Reclaimed floorboards from a demolished girl’s school in Wallasey, having had their own history, form the implacable box, in contrast with the fragile book I made from a drawing /painting  I worked on during the year she was in hospital.  

Printed: Ink -jet on Lokta paper 1/1

Having had a successful career in advertising for 13 years as a senior Art director, I retrained in England and qualified in 2006 with a first class B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Degree from Wirral Metropolitan College, (validated by Liverpool JMU) followed by a Fellowship in 2007. My work is exhibited widely in the North West of England, nationally and internationally, most recently in the Florence Biennial 2011.

For more information please visit my website or contact me should you be interested in a commission or to view other collections of my work.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rubbish exhibition in the park

Helen Smith's workshop with plastic bag flowers

A “rubbish” show in Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre doesn’t sound very appealing but with over 30 Merseyside based artists and craftspeople using junk it is definitely an exhibition worth viewing. The exhibitors have taken rubbish, litter and un-used items to recreate into artwork and craftwork showing how with a bit of creativity and skill - things that would inevitably end up in landfill can be transformed and be saved. The exhibition “de-junk, re-junk!” will be open daily from 9 til 4.30pm daily.

Following her involvement with the organisation of recycling art shows in 2010 and 2011, curator Alison Bailey Smith has had support from Wirral Council again in mounting the exhibition, she said of the forthcoming exhibition:

  "Last year, the exhibition took a different approach to the previous community show in 2010 with professional artists and craftspeople re-using my old kitchen and producing paintings, mosaics and sculptures. This year, we have used social media to ask for items such as milk bottles and plastic to transform as well as exchanging our own unwanted hoarded, redundant “gems”. We visited Bidston recycling plant to see the recycling process first hand. After which many of the artists reconsidered the items they were using to shift to items not currently being recycled through local recycling facilities.  One of the pieces to be featured in the exhibition will be our new sign made of scrabble parts and broken plates produced at a mosaic workshop during our de-junk, re-junk workshops funded by MRWA earlier this year and a piece of furniture made using reclaimed wooden floorboards by mastercraftsman, Damon Revans-Turner. Next year, in 2013 we will be looking for sponsors to be able to run the exhibition”

There will be "junk" available for people to take away and create their own de-junk, re-junk creation, photos can be emailed to Alison Bailey Smith and their recreations will be posted on the blog during the show

Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre, Birkenhead Park, Park Drive, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 4HY