Saturday, 16 June 2012

Julie Dodd returns for the recycling show for the 3rd year

Julie Dodd
Artist’s Statement

I am an installation artist and I mainly work with paper, but I also recycle other discarded materials to form installations, bringing a new life and meaning to them.

I focus a lot of my attention on environmental issues and use my art practice as a platform to reflect my concerns of our consumption and environmental responsibility.

My artwork is based on repetition and is inspired by pattern and shape found in nature.
I work in multiples, which I use to mimic life, growth and regeneration. The processes involved in making my work are as important if not more important sometimes than the finished product. I work methodically and laboriously with mundane processes in order to produce a satisfying result.

Invasive Ivy
English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a species of native ivy which is a versatile plant, being able to cover significant ground and able to climb as well. It grows well in the shade and is ideal for covering barren areas under trees, it crowds out weeds, helps with ground erosion, climbs and cascades walls.  And with its evergreen foliage it’s a great ornamental plant which provides rich nectar for insects and fruit for birds.
But it is considered an invasive weed in parts of Australia and the United States. Due to human introduction as an ornamental plant it has widely spread, invading forests, salt marshes, woodlands and fields. Growing at ground level as well as reaching up into the forest canopy, it suppresses native vegetation engulfing everything and preventing light reaching the other plant life.

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