Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Marie Louise Williams has created an installation for the space

Marie Louise Williams is a full-time artist based at Wellington Road Studios in Oxton. She is passionate about the environment and sustainability and campaigns for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 
“I create installations from recycled and reclaimed materials, paint, drawing, shadows, photography and text. Inspired by quantum physics, music and environmental concerns, my work makes tangible the invisible underlying patterns of the universe.”
Marie holds a BA in Fine Art from the Wirral School of Art and a BA in Chinese Culture, Philosophy and Russian from Durham University. She has taught art workshops to adults and children at various galleries and venues across Wirral and Merseyside since 2004.

'Spring Theory No. 2: inter-colour territory'
re-energised and re-composed cot-mattress and couch springs, hanging basket, reclaimed telephone and electrical wire, coffee plunger, can tops,  odds and ends wool and donated end of tin enamel paint.

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