Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mandy Oliphant has 2 pieces in the show -opening tomorrow

Amanda graduated from MMU in 2008 with an MA in Art as Environment and has since exhibited Nationally and Internationally. Amanda is an interdisciplinary artist who's approach is to aesthetically change our perception of people, place and objects through the manipulation of found materials. Amanda presents a new awareness towards the natural environment, especially trees, their function, form, fragility, spirituality and history. Her works of art allow reflection upon the ever changing environment and the transience of man where nature continues to be a strong source of inspiration, but it is the context of its survival within the manmade world that forces new narratives to be re-created.

'Oak Tree' is part of a series of sculptures that explore a materials ability to be re-invented, re-represented and adapted to expose elements of our daily surroundings that would otherwise go unnoticed, i.e; BT wiring and old discarded books.
OakTree-NFS (printing tray/19th century book with books and stamp).
Mandy's "Oak Tree"

Mandy's background source material on left. Istra Toner's "Nostalgia" on right

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